2018 Class Winners

Category 1: Large Quilt, Machine Techniques – 1 person  
1st place 216 The Farmer’s Wife Carmen Tesch  
2nd place 24 Golden Anniversary Cindy Ladig  
3rd place 218 Minglewood Autumn Carmen Tesch  
Honorable Mention 360 Star Dazzle Dorie Hruska  
Category 2: Large Quilt, Machine Techniques – 2 person  
1st place 221 Kyndrah’s Wonderland May Black NACQJ Award of Merit
2nd place 23 How Do You Like My New Dress? Klonda Holt  
3rd place 374 40’s Log Cabin Roxanne Lewsader  
Honorable Mention 139 Ozark Sunset Janis Goetz  
Category 3: Large Quilt, Mixed Techniques – 1 person  
1st place 287 Vintage Tin Rt. 66 Claire L. Johnson  
2nd place 294 Words to Live By Sherrie Smith  
3rd place 293 Sweet Sixteen Sherrie Smith  
Honorable Mention 471 Mariner’s Compass Carla McCall  
Category 4: Large Quilt, Mixed Techniques – 2 person  
1st place 127 Phebe Tami Twitty  
2nd place 124 Maui Garden Suzanne Louth  
3rd place 352 Pretty Posys Kay Turner  
Category 5: Medium Quilt, Machine Techniques – 1 person  
1st place 215 Pieces of Time Carmen Tesch  
2nd place 300 Fireworks! Jenny Hutson  
3rd place 299 Pretzel Party Jenny Hutson  
Honorable Mention 284 Arcs Angles Arleta Johnson  
Honorable Mention 490 Baby Girl Jo Bolton  
Category 6: Medium Quilt, Machine Techniques – 2 person  
1st place 220 Celebration Tree Skirt May Black  
2nd place 192 The Missouri Star Sampler Cathy Wostarek  
3rd place 283 Native American Christmas Star Arleta Johnson  
Honorable Mention 350 Toads in the Pond Nancy Jones  
Category 7: Medium Quilt, Mixed Techniques – 1 person  
1st place 389 Something Borrowed, Nothing Blue Diana Chase  
2nd place 297 Cross My Heart Jenny Hutson  
3rd place 128 Civil War Bride Tami Twitty  
Category 8: Medium Quilt, Mixed Techniques – 2 person  
1st place 248 Graceful Garden – Denise Sheehan Charlotte Taylor  
2nd place 240 Garden Gates Sandra Noellsch  
3rd place 153 Get Your Stitch on Route 66 Laura Allen  
Honorable Mention 152 My Wool Garden Laura Allen  
Category 9: Small Quilt    
1st place 292 Twilight Zone Galaxy Karna Lackey  
2nd place 55 Fresh Picked Vicki Brunk  
3rd place 104 Tumbling Triangles Hazel McFall  
Honorable Mention 173 Stitching Frenzy in Wool Katy Conde  
Category 10: Group Quilt    
1st place 222 Vintage Rose May Black Best Machine Quilting
2nd place 485 2016 Saturday Strippers Secret Sister Block Exchange Debbie Abraham  
3rd place 275 Matchmaker Cindy Cook  
Honorable Mention 353 Joan’s Folly Kay Turner  
Category 11: Miniature Quilt    
1st place 290 Mini-Aurora Karna Lackey  
2nd place 437 Bitty Beauty Jenny Hutson  
3rd place 498 Basket of Flowers Karl McDaniel  
Honorable Mention 438 Bitty Blocks Jenny Hutson  
Category 12: Art Quilt    
1st place 282 Tranquility Arleta Johnson  
2nd place 477 Turtle Bay Marilyn McCurdy  
3rd place 439 Three Cats Jenny Hutson  
Honorable Mention 354 Fancy Fusion Flight Vickie Clancy  
Category 13: Special Technique Quilt    
1st place 219 Mother’s Flower Garden Connie Miller Best Hand Quilting
2nd place 174 Floral Sensation Katy Conde  
3rd place 223 Once Upon A Time Jackie Williams Viewers’ Choice
Honorable Mention 319 Not My Grandmother’s Flower Garden Sharon K. Collier  
Category 14: Modern Quilt    
1st place 361 Unboxed Dorie Hruska  
2nd place 183 My Modern Mary Ann Wenger  
3rd place 102 Raspberry Kiwi Super Nova Hazel McFall  
Honorable Mention 277 Silver Linings Cindy Cook  
Honorable Mention 101 Improv Log Cabin #2 Hazel McFall  
Category 15: Scrap Quilt    
1st place 289 Orca Bay Jenny Hutson  
2nd place 138 Scrappy Zigzag Janis Goetz  
3rd place 343 Happiness Always Rhonda Colton  
Honorable Mention 49 Log Cabin Garden Sandy Sutton  
Category 17: Quilted Phrase Challenge    
1st place 394 The Elite of Society Valeta Hensley  
2nd place 482 Gramma’s Mirror Terri Jones  
3rd place 25 Back in the Saddle Wanda Coffelt  
Honorable Mention 339 Lips gone Wild Sue Davis  
Category 18: Stripes & Dots Challenge    
1st place 73 What Is Red, White & Gray with Dots All Over? Marcia Clark  
2nd place 251 Crimson Fish Charlotte Taylor  
3rd place 212 Fuzzy Patti Hudgins  
Honorable Mention 184 Dots & Stripes Mary Ann Wenger  

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