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Old-Fashioned Antique Quilt Bed Turning

If you love antique quilts, don’t miss the old-fashioned bed turning presentations scheduled for all three days of the quilt show!

For those that aren’t familiar with the term “bed turning”, they are the precursor to our modern “show and tell” programs at quilt guild meetings.  Back in those days, women did not have many occasions to get together socially, and when they did it was usually at someone’s home. They would each bring a quilt to share, and since space was limited, they would lay them all out on a bed, stacked one on top of the other.  Each woman would take a turn and her quilt would be held up for everyone to see and exclaim over while she told the story of the quilt.

The quilts presented at our bed turning are all more than 50 years old and generally owned by guild members. Some quilts have been handed down for generations, have documented stories and are part of the heritage of that family. In some other cases, the history  of the quilt is unknown. Some have even been found in dumpsters and, once cleaned up, are now treasured by their new owners. The display will include bed quilts, baby quilts and doll quilts

If you have a bed, baby or doll quilt more than 50 years old you would like displayed at the show, download the entry form here:

Bed Turning Entry

Questions? Contact Loretta Hermann.

Gallery of some of the 2014 Bed Turning Quilts:  Click an image to enlarge